Our patent pending 3in1 applicator FreedomWeeder is all you need, EVER!

FreedomWeeder Company LLC

We like to say; "Kill your Weeds, Not your back or knees"  Using our revolutionary 3in1 applicator, allows you to kill weeds all the while remain standing. This means less bending, squatting  or even getting down on your knees

     Something to Consider:

  • FreedomWeeder is patent pending, with its self-cleaning spot applicator means you'll work trouble free.
  • At 44 inchs long means it does all the reaching for you even in those really tight spots where you are required to normally get down on your knees. So you can remain standing and won't later ache from constantly bending over.
  • After filling the tube, it only weighs 3 pounds. You won't tire from packing FreedomWeeder around the yard, you'll work longer and get more done.
  • Working in your comfort zone, is your benefit using this product.
  • A really neat feature is you won't worry where to store it. Our hanging clip doubles as a storage hanger when not in use. It also doubles as a fill station. It firmly holds the tube erect while you fill the reservoir. Another plus, we supply you with the two screws to hang it wherever you like. Yep, we like to think of everything so you don't have to.

NO bending over, NO kneeling, NO hassle. We like to say, "Kill your weeds, not your back!"

Made in U.S.A & we are U.S. veteran owned company. Your search for a more effective and thorough weed killer will not yield you a better lightweight herbicide weeding applicator than FreedomWeeder!

Our patent pending 3in1 applicator FreedomFertilizer is all you need, EVER!

Kill Weeds

Our products are safe for home and business


Notice model remains standing while she spot kills weeds and sprays fertilizer. FreedomWeeder is versatile, equipped with these 3 applicators: 1. Trigger Sprayer, 2. Self Cleaning Spot Applicator, and 3. Continuous Streaming. Its lightweight, a mere 3 pounds when its 20 ounce tube is full. NO bending over, NO kneeling, NO hassle. We like to say, "Kill your weeds, not your back!" Apply, watch those pesky weeds die!!

Your search; killing weeds with vinegar or homemade weed killer takes care of garden weeds too. You will not yield a better product than FreedomWeeder sprayer long applicator . Read what our customers are saying.