Used new FreedomWeeder today. Super precise, super easy, and super effective. Love the see-thru plastic! - John R.

 ...I love your products, using FreedomWeeder has cut my weeding and fertilizing time in half. Finally, my yard looks really great. Thank you FreedomWeeder Company. - Cathy G.

 very easy to use. I liked to clamp device included to hang it up. saved me a lot of hoeing. - Paul H.

 I like the fact I no longer need to carry that bulky heavy bottle around, plus your herbicide recipe is great for killing crab grass. - Sandy H.

 This is what I have been looking for. It gives me the ability to kill more weeds and I do not have to worry about over spray. It is great for flower gardens as you can surgically kill only the weeds and not harm your plants.- Dan B.

 Like the quality of the brass parts and fact it is made in USA. Easy to fill. Directions easy to follow. - June B.

 FreedomWeeder has made it possible and easy for me to kill weeds again. My doctor likes it too, he said, "walking around in my yard using FreedomWeeder is therapeutic" since having hip surgery. - Ann C.

 We have bought a lot of products over the years to manage our weed problem. But I have never used anything quite like FreedomWeeder. Your ads are not misleading at all. I'm so impressed with the job its done, I'm giving    one to my dad for Fathers day. - Dan W.

 I'm very surprised how well your herbicide recipe works and it is much cheaper to make than to buy roundup. Which I understand isn't good for our planet... - Doug S.

 ...Thank you for making a well made and easy to use tool. I also found your Owner User Guide booklet simple to follow instructions... Most of all, my yard looks beautiful without all the weeds. Wanda K.

 Love the FreedomFertilizer too. Nice being able to spot fertilize and also do a foliar spray as well.  Handy as the FreedomWeeder.  Did I mention I used it late this fall to nail all the stragglers that I’d missed?  Got the cleaning  and oiling down now so it should last me forever. - John R.

FreedomWeeder Company LLC